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Meet Our Team

At Hazel & Schwab, we're delighted to introduce you to our dedicated team of family law experts. With a deep-rooted commitment to helping families navigate challenging times, our passionate team is here to provide you with the compassionate and skilled legal support you deserve.


Emily Schwab

Attorney at Law

Emily, a native of Salem, Oregon, has established Yakima as her permanent residence, displaying her commitment to the community. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Oregon State University in 2012, earning a Bachelor's Degree in History. Following this achievement, she gained invaluable experience working at the Oregon House of Representatives during a legislative session before embarking on her legal journey.

In 2017, Emily graduated from Seattle University School of Law, a testament to her dedication and academic prowess. Recognizing the importance of honing her skills, she participated in the National Institute for Trial Advocacy's esteemed professional training program in 2019, where she learned from some of the nation's leading family law attorneys.

Beyond her legal accomplishments, Emily actively engages with the community, exemplifying her commitment to public service. Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors for the Dispute Resolution Center of Yakima and Kittitas Counties, as well as the Yakima chapter of Washington Women Lawyers. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed, as she was acknowledged as one of the 2020 Yakima Volunteer Attorney Services' distinguished Volunteers of the Year. With her exceptional qualifications and dedication, Emily is an integral part of the legal profession and an asset to the community she proudly serves.


Carla Martinez

Case Manager

Carla, a native of the Yakima Valley, has deep ties to the community where she also raised her two daughters. Growing up in West Valley, she attended WV high school and continued her academic journey at Yakima Valley Community College, graduating with an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice.


Carla's early career path led her to explore her interest in law enforcement, beginning as a dispatcher at The Yakima County Sheriff's Office. She then transitioned to a position as a Criminal Clerk at the Yakima County Clerk's Office, gaining valuable experience in the legal field. Her journey ultimately led her to her longstanding role as the Yakima County Court Facilitator, where she dutifully served pro se litigants for over 23 years.


Throughout her tenure as a Court Facilitator, Carla's passion for family law and unwavering commitment to ensuring access to justice became evident. In 2019, she joined the esteemed team at Hazel and Schwab, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise in family law matters.

With her extensive experience and dedication to serving clients, Carla continues to be an invaluable asset to our firm. Her fervent pursuit of justice and profound understanding of family law make her an indispensable advocate for our clients, solidifying her place as a respected professional in the legal community.


Diana Rangel

Office Manager

Diana is a Yakima Valley native with an impressive background of over 18 years in Business Administration, during which she acquired valuable experience, particularly in human resources. Her longstanding dream of entering the legal field has been realized, and she considers herself privileged to be a part of the esteemed Hazel & Schwab team.

Diana's passion for her work shines through her daily interactions with clients, as she takes great pleasure in providing exceptional service and support. Her dedication to fostering positive relationships and delivering outstanding assistance makes her an invaluable asset to the firm.

In her personal life, Diana finds joy in her role as a devoted wife and mother of three children. Additionally, she cherishes the blessing of being a loving grandmother, adding further fulfillment to her life's journey. Her well-rounded experiences and dedication to excellence exemplify her commitment to both her professional and personal endeavors.


Diana es bilingual y habla español.


David Hazel


Dave was born and possesses a deep-rooted connection to the community he calls home. From his formative years, he attended Catholic Schools in Yakima, fostering a strong foundation for his future endeavors. Continuing his pursuit of knowledge, he earned his Bachelor's Degree from The Evergreen State College while dedicating himself to the community as a full-time firefighter at Station 91.

Undoubtedly, Dave's passion for law led him to pursue a Juris Doctorate from Gonzaga University, where he honed his legal expertise. As a Yakima County deputy prosecuting attorney, he had the privilege of being mentored by esteemed legal professional, Jeff Sullivan, further sharpening his legal acumen.

It was under the guidance of Wiley Hurst that Dave developed a profound affinity for family and divorce law, inspiring him to dedicate his career to this essential area of legal practice. Recognizing his exceptional qualifications and commitment to excellence, he achieved certification as a fellow of the esteemed American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, further solidifying his reputation as a top-tier family law attorney.


Ever dedicated to serving the community, Dave has been actively involved in various organizations, including serving on the Board of Directors for Catholic Family and Child Service and Entrust Community Services. His contributions and expertise have garnered statewide recognition, as he was selected by fellow attorneys as one of the esteemed 60 Family Law Super Lawyers of 2020, a prestigious distinction that underscored his exceptional skills and professionalism. His unwavering commitment to the practice of law and his community have truly set him apart as a prominent and respected figure, with a well-deserved reputation as an outstanding family law attorney in the region east of Snoqualmie Pass.


Janelle Sperry

Case Manager

Janelle's lifelong connection to the Yakima Valley serves as the foundation for her dedicated professional journey. Hailing from Selah, she completed her education at AC Davis High School in Yakima. Currently residing in East Valley with her loving husband, two wonderful children, and two beloved dogs, Janelle embraces family values in both her personal and professional life.

Having commenced her career as an Administrative Assistant, Janelle later found her calling in the legal realm, joining Culpepper Law Firm as a legal assistant. There, she garnered over a decade of experience, skillfully assisting clients with bankruptcy filings and demonstrating her passion for providing invaluable support to those in need of legal assistance.


Now an esteemed member of the Hazel & Schwab team, Janelle's dedication to serving clients remains unwavering. Her commitment to addressing clients' legal needs aligns seamlessly with the firm's ethos, making her an integral part of the exceptional team.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Janelle finds solace in her personal interests, which include traveling, camping, and cherishing quality time with her cherished family. Her well-rounded approach to life is reflected in her work, where her genuine care for clients sets her apart as a compassionate and highly capable legal professional.


Amanda Jean


Amanda is a Yakima Valley native with a background in business management, backed by a Bachelor's degree in the field and a decade of valuable experience. As a crucial member of our team, she efficiently manages our client accounts and meticulously oversees bookkeeping tasks. Eager to expand her expertise, Amanda has also taken on additional responsibilities, excelling in her role as a legal assistant.


Her profound passion for law and business shines through her dedication to excellence at Hazel & Schwab, where she plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations. Amanda's innate talent for handling financial matters, combined with her burgeoning legal knowledge, makes her a valuable asset to our firm.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Amanda finds joy in spending quality time with her family. Her commitment to both her personal and professional life exemplifies her dedication to maintaining a well-balanced and successful career. As our newest team member, Amanda's enthusiasm and drive continue to strengthen our mission of providing exceptional legal services to our valued clients.

Why choose Hazel & Schwab for your family law needs? Our team specializes in family law, which means we understand the intricacies and sensitivities of these cases. Whether you're facing divorce, child custody matters, or any other family-related legal issue, our team is equipped to guide you with empathy, expertise, and a history of favorable outcomes. Dive into the profiles of our team members above to learn more about the individuals dedicated to preserving your family's well-being.

Discover the Hazel & Schwab difference today. Reach out to us to schedule a consultation and experience the reassurance of having a trusted family law partner by your side.

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